Woefully Exhausted

Dear America, I am not ok, and here's why: It is long past time for you to get your shit together, especially when it comes to racial inequality in this country. I remember the night of January 20, 2009 as if it were yesterday. It was Part II of President Barack Obama's inauguration. I recall my eyes filling up with tears as I watched the first African-American President of the United States of America dance lovingly with his wife. I looked at the mix of smiling faces; all races, nationalities and creeds celebrating together, united as one America, as equals. Everyone looked so happy. Everyone seemed proud to be American, able to witness such an historic moment in and for our country. I

Phenomenal Dr. Maya Angelou

#FlashBackFriday #MayaAngelou #PhenomenalWoman In June of 2005, I was listening to the radio on my way to work. Dr. Maya Angelou was on to promote an event she was going to be speaking at later that day at the Rialto Theatre. And there would be a brief meet and greet. Well, wouldn’t you know it! My job was about 3mins walking distance from the Rialto!!! Instantly, the wheels in my head started turning and my story on why it was urgent that I take an early/extended lunch break began to fall into place. I think I smiled all the way to work. I had an unofficial lunch date with Dr. Maya Angelou!!! The speaking engagement was scheduled for 1:00. Although, I could be there in an eye blink, I wasn

Rambling 101 *Revised 2020

Have you ever thought about what the world would be like, if we, as a people, suddenly became more selfless? I find myself drifted off into my thoughts of “World Peace” often. Sometimes becoming so overwhelmed with emotions that I can hardly see straight. I look out into this world in which we live, and I know there has to be a better way. I look around and I see it for what it truly is. For many of us lonely. Dark. Cold. Harsh. Then there’s the idealist me, the dreamer me, who can also take a look at this same world and see all the many beautiful things that we could become. That we already are. We all have so much to teach, learn, give and share with one another. So why aren’t we doing it?

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