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~Evolution Of A Nonconformist

My evolution may not be televised, but it will be read

and heard by hundreds if not by thousands

it will empower me if no one else

I am a New Millennium Woman

Not defined by tradition or definition

So don't label me

because I can't be bought or sold

I've been called a nonconformist

a rebel

and a militant

marching to the beat of my own drum

living life by my own rules

I am a Queen who knows her place

with or without a King by my side

and I'm ok with that

Now, I'm not trying to knock the brothers

because I love yall dearly

but I'm strong enough

liberated enough

and independent enough to know that

a relationship will not make or break me

This is 2004 and sexuality is no longer

black and black, black and white or man and woman

it's whatever I want it to be

whenever I need it to be

I'm an evolutionist

living in an evolutionary world

with an open mind and a love for people

however I refuse to conform

to whatever and whomever society thinks I should be

I'm a natural born Artist

forever thinking outside the box

true to my acorn tanned complexion

and my long flowing locks

God Blessed me with the power of words

and the power to form those words so that

others can connect feel and relate

to the passions I feel about life

I've learned a lot and I'm constantly growing

discovering new truths for myself everyday

and the more I grow the more I'll share

and the more my evolution will become

our evolution and the greater we all will become.

© Aria Nicole 2005



Spent months building a wall of trust

Only to have seconds of suspicion tear it down

A figment of my imagination

Perhaps I was just delusional

Addicted to what I thought we had


Kisses once so sweet

now laced with poisons

I can still taste

While thorns buried beneath false promises


Pierce holes

In my tormented soul


There's no room in my realm for fairweather friends

And their conditional love

Either you love me or you hate me

There is no in between

Take me as I am

Cause this is who I am


I remember that day we began

As well as the night you chose to end

What you claimed was so special

Unfortunately now we'll never be friends

Your true colors you showed

In various shades of green


I can forgive

But never will I forget

The deceitful seeds you spread

You've made your bed

So sleep well

I will.

© Aria Nicole 2005

~Kind of Blue

I don't know if  it's my navy slacks or multi-colored blue hat, but today is one of those days that I'm feeling kind of blue.


A bit confused about my purpose, a little off centered and unable to focus.

A million thoughts running rapid inside my head and I can't seem to grasp just one to make any sense out of what I'm feeling.


Stevie Wonder's "Fulfillingness' First Finale" plays softly in my ear.  And he tells me that "Heaven Is 10 Zillion Years Away."  This is a really wicked album and I listen to it often.

But today, every note stroked at the tip of his fingers  and every word that he sings, I'm feeling soul deep as if he's singing from the pages

 of my life's story. I'm feeling so blue. Existing among you without a clue, as to what to do, or where to go.


Alone in a world full of people. Feeling blue all by myself. Remembering those who love me, those who hurt me  and those who may not be quite

sure as to how they feel about me. Different shades of blue on a background of black hangs over my head and I try to get a grip.  Snap myself back from the blue funk that I'm currently sinking in.

Fighting hard to stay afloat, 'cause I've never been a good swimmer but I do know how to stay alive.  And these blues have  g   o   t       t  o      g  o.                                


© Aria Nicole 2005


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