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~Rainy Daze

it’s days like this

when all i wanna do is

open a window and feel

the cool moist breeze on my skin

while listening to the melodic flow of

god’s collaboration with mother nature

as we snuggle cuddle together

drowning myself immensely

in the warmth of our love

i secretly give thanks

cause every millisecond with you

enhances my insatiable hunger

for life, love and passion

when i over indulge on

savory sweetness from

your honey jar...

© Aria Nicole 2010


it really doesn’t matter

what you say

or how you say it

even when u’re angry

which is not very often

your inside voice always

soothes and comforts me

when you whisper

“baby, i love you”

as we both lay basking

in the afterglow of our love

it sounds like

the sweetest tune

from a hummingbird

in spring

on Sunday morning

and i just . . .


© Aria Nicole 2010

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~Detox 101

some people wander aimlessly throughout

their adult lives dazed and in a maze

mentally and emotionally constipated

from the buildup of emotional toxins

that they have been too afraid or don’t

know how to cleanse themselves of

raw food, lemonade infused with cayenne pepper

and maple syrup

nor the martha’s vineyard detox diet

can offer a quick fix from the years

of crap locking you up, keeping you bound to all of your past hurt and disappointments

preventing you from living your purposeful life

don’t spend money on the master cleanse

fall on your knees and humbly ask the MASTER to cleanse you of the feces yes, feces that has kept you stuck in the misery you call your life

flush away the waste no matter

who or what it is that tells u

you ain’t never gonna be nothing

ask for purification from every negative thing that has ever been said to, about and done to you

so that it will lose its power over you

question the source, chances are

it really has very little to do with you

you can’t keep dragging around the

poor decisions that others have made

learn the lesson, find your truth

forgive the perpetrators and reclaim you, you can’t live worthy of the

oxygen you breathe until you have

successfully expelled your internal self of all the bullshit . . .

that’s been impacting you!!!!

© Aria Nicole 2010

© 2016  Aria Nicole All Rights Reserved
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