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My Carrie Bradshaw Life!

Like a lot of mid to late 30 and 40 something year old women, Sex and the City was a

weekly staple in my at home entertainment line-up.

For hardcore fans such as myself, who never pass up an opportunity to binge watch re-runs during a weekend marathon. Sex and the City still continues to give us life. If you aren’t familiar with the show and/or have never seen at least one episode, I really appreciate you crawling out from under the rock you’ve apparently spent nearly two decades to read this. Thank You!

Sex and the City is about four best girlfriends living life in New York City. There’s Miranda

Hobbs the Lawyer, Samantha Jones the Publicist, Charlotte York the Art Gallery Director and of

course my favorite Carrie Bradshaw the Freelance Writer. Carrie loves her girlfriends. I love my

girlfriends. Carrie ran a weekly column in “The New Yorker”. I have had articles published in a

few on-line blogs and magazines. Carrie published a book; I’ve published two.

Carrie enjoys drinking Cosmopolitans or Cosmos if you want to sound chic when out on the town. And I have even indulged in a few while on vacation in New York City. It’s like Carrie Bradshaw and I are living in a parallel universe. Especially, because like Carrie, I didn’t back up…

My computer’s hard-drive crashed and the first thing Anthony, my “IT” guy, asked

me was “Did you back up all of your data?” My reaction to the odd yet, familiar question was

much like Carrie’s, because my life as a writer was saved on my laptop. Articles I’ve written,

drafts for those that I planned to write in the future, as well as precious photos and my various

kick ass music play lists – all of that was on my computer!. “Back Up? Who really backs

up???!!!” I haven’t consistently backed up since floppy disk became obsolete. Unlike my

freelance writing idol this wasn’t my first time at the rodeo. I had been here before a few years

ago when the hard-drive on another laptop that I’d owned crashed. After losing everything, I had gone out and bought the most affordable external hard drive that I could find; vowing to never lose all of my precious data again. However, owning it, actually plugging it in and backing up are three totally different things. Here I am again, my heart in the pit of my stomach. Mentally yelling at myself, “You have only yourself to blame Aria Nicole!”

So, the moral of the story is for a writer “backing up” is just as important as

proofreading. Apparently, there is no rhyme or reason as to why computer hard drives

just become corrupt out of the blue. “Backing up” should become as natural as brushing

and flossing your teeth. You may not feel like doing it, but not doing it can lead

to detrimental consequences. Sometimes it really does take a ton of bricks to fall on your head before you get the lesson. However, not all lessons have to be learned the hard way. Trust me, it is

essentially worth the time and money to invest in (and use) an external hard-drive of

some kind. Doing so will save you much headache and heartache should your

computer suddenly betray your trust one day.

Now, if you’ll excuse me I must back up this commentary and then start on my next one.

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